New day, New habits: Day 53:

Today I realised that despite my diligence towards my posts, my habits have been…the same really.  I think it started unravelling when I allowed myself a bit of sugar – at the moment I am not being very aware of my sugar intake and so I have felt my previously much flatter stomach creep back out to it’s former bulge.

I need to take action – there is no point being kind to myself – it doesn’t work.

However, I do realised that if you set your goals too high, you can get overwhelmed and then inevitably fail.

Despite the fact that my good friend recently told me that cheat days do not work – I am forcing myself to limit anything bad to my new thing – “Sinful Saturdays” so get ready to see a whole lot of hedonism this weekend – I may have to devote a post just to that day instead of the whole weekend.

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar

Exercise: ….ummm….didn’t feel great today – but still should have done a few squats or something.

Lunch: had some leftover pasta stew – it tasted lovely but I wanted a spicy kick – my go to chilli sauce is always Gochujang

waaay better than Sricacha! You should try it –  plus it lasts for ages in the fridge.  It is not as spicy as Sricacha and other chilli sauces


Dinner:  I forced this one down.  When I saw it on the menu I thought it sounded lovely – an Esotica salad from Sapore Italiano: crab and sweet corn rocket salad with fresh parmesan

I was not expecting imitation crab – very disappointing – there was no salad dressing of any kind to speak of – I literally had to steal a piece of chicken Milanese (only a small amount!)  I ordered for Bae and use that to help get it all down.

I usually force healthy stuff down (I am trying so hard to like it and find it tasty, but that moment has not yet come)



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