New me, New habits: Day 53

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar

Lunch: started with a bag of kale and baobab crisps (didn’t even know Baobab was a viable crisp ingredient!  .

The crisps were pretty good actually – they had a nice crunch to them due to the cashew nut dust covering all the crispsI would definitely buy these again!  Though it can get a bit mealy iff you don’t have a drink to hand.

img_7608For my main lunch meal I had savoury and sweet – the top is a tuna, chickpea, red onion and bean salad on one side and avocado and edamame and yuzu on the other side.  To be honest I didn’t finish the jam one as it was so sweet.

Dinner:  For some reason I really felt like a sandwich again. I do love Crussh for it’s great selection of healthy options – salads, spread and toasties!

I’d heard that sourdough is better for you than regular white bread – and this sourdough bread is spelt!

Wiltshire Ham and Compte cheese toastie on sourdough spelt bread. Yummy and slightly stinky.




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