New Me, Ne Habits: Day 60

Wow I cant’ believe I’ve been boring you for 60 days with what I have been putting in my mouth!

After a brief lookback, I realise that I am way behind in my formation of new habits.  It’s also October which means that 2017 is round the corner, and I need to get my act together!  This week that will change!

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar and some coconut pieces

Lunch: Pea and Ham soup with some extra frozen peas and extra bits of ham chucked in

Dinner: I really like this Godo restaurant – mostly for their very cute jars that I intend to store dry ingredients in like my chia seeds and hemp seeds and other seeds we all need to eat.  I choose a pork with pasta, and am a little surprised when I receive it as it is like a carbonara – I’m not complaining though, carbonara is my favourite kind of pasta!






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