New me, New habits: Day 58-59

Day 58

Breakfast: sleep

Lunch : ummm sleep?  I had a late night and it’s the weekend.
Dinner: had some friends round and were trying to figure out what to order in – scrolling down Deliveroo we came across Azeri Restaurant – Russian.  Interesting! I have never had Russian takeout before!  We decide to order a whole host of traditional dishes.

img_7678Clockwise from top left: pickled red cabbage (way too sour), salade oliveh (ok, but had better, I prefer with cornichons in it), pickled cucumbers, some sort of Russian salsa (spicy), Vareniki (mashed potato dumplings), buckwheat (strangely tasted like textiles and fabric – maybe because one of my pillows is made of buckwheat!)

img_7677Clockwise from top left: Meat filled blinis (ok, meat was pretty indistinguishable and I was expecting cocktail blinis), grilled chicken, grilled meats (chicken, lamb – all quite dry, not great) and the obligatory takeway salads

Day 59

Breakfast: sleep – I do love my sleep!

Lunch : Bae woke me up with this delicious looking late breakfast


Dinner: Had a lovely Roast Chicken Dinner – Roasted vegetables, potatoes and Yorkshire puddings- yes, Yorkshires are pretty unhealthy – flour milk and water but they make perfect parcels to stuff with chicken and gravy!




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