New me, New habits: Day 62

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar
Lunch: My brother and future sister-in-law arrived in London today – very excited!  After we drop off their stuff and a quick cup of tea we go for a nice brisk stroll  along the River Thames.  I have no photo evidence for this as I left my phone at home, but I had an (ok) jacket potato with cheese and beans (very meagre on the cheese and beans) at the Bulls Head – although we did have a lovely view of the river and some nice comfy Chesterfield couches so that helped


Dinner: Wow, what a busy evening at work!  I didn’t even get around to ordering until 19:45 and when I did, I immediately regret after I submitted my order.  Why?  I ordered curry.  Now I love curry, but I seem to only really enjoy the meal when I go out to a restaurant.  Somehow I am always disappointed with the food and at myself for ordering something unhealthy (I order a chicken curry but a shit ton of bread – garlic naans and parathas galore).  And so that is what happened today.  No photo evidence as I am ashamed to have given in to my temptation, which wasn’t even really what I wanted!.


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