New me, New habits: Day 64

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar

Lunch : Had lunch with my sister-in -law who is visiting London. We drive to a pub only to find that it is permanently closed (thanks for nothing Yelp!) and then stroll around until the restaurants open for lunch.

To  stave off the hunger pains we get a healthy drink – nut milk. (still think “nut milk” sounds gross) from the Roots Juicery



I had a chocolate cashew nut milk – and no it doesn’t realty taste like chocolate.  I mean it sort of does if you put half a teaspoon of nesquik into a massive glass of mmilk and then made the milk taste nuttier.  I would drink it again though.img_7724The orange “shot” was turmeric and giner and orange. It was about 40% turmeric, or at least it tasted like that – very strong and spicy! but it’s only 3 secs of your life so worth it for the health kick.

For lunch we went to a place called the Barnyard.img_7727This was a carbonated beverage – quite medicinal with a slight aniseedy taste  – might be good with some Gin.

img_7729Cauliflower cheese – light on cheese but big on flavour

img_7730Some amazeballs crispy chicken wings with smoked paprika, garlic and lemon.  The lemon is very present without it being the only thing you taste – very nice and crispy

img_7728Salmon fishcake with fennel – meh

img_7731Total surprise, but apart for the chicken wings, this was my favourite dish.  a Refreshing and crunchy Chicory salad with lovage, mint and lemon.  This would be amazing in a burger.

Dinner:  Ahh Fridays – when you are quiet, I make good choices, but if you are manic, then woe betide my diet and digestive heath for the day.  Today was one of those days.  I went for a pizza picante with pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and spicy sausage.  Is it healthy if the pizza you order is made from good fresh ingredients or is it still just pizza that you should really not eat?




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